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under the pressure of environmental protection, how to solve the heat source problem of grain dryer?

under the pressure of environmental protection…

in recent years, we have made initial achievements in environmental protection, especially in the treatment and prevention of industrial pollution. but at the same time, the impact on some industries is inevitable. taking the grain dryer industry as an example, the heat source part is an important part of the grain dryer, and the heat source of the traditional grain dryer is mainly coal. with the i……
after the cancellation of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy, where will the grain dryer industry go?

after the cancellation of agricultural machine…

recently, the ministry of finance and the ministry of agriculture and rural areas jointly issued the supplementary notice on the measures for the management of agricultural related transfer payment funds (cainong [2019] no. 98), which specifies that the implementation period of "agricultural machinery purchase subsidies" and other subsidies will be 2023. before the expiration, the ministr……
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