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the "heart" of grain dryer and its fai…

grain dryer consists of four parts: heat source, fan, control system and drying tower. fan is the heart of grain dryer. it mainly sends heat to the drying layer and carries out convective heat transfer with grain to separate moisture and grain. therefore, the performance parameters of fan determine the drying efficiency, energy consumption and drying quality of grain dryer. the fan function affects……
the importance of grain dryer

the importance of grain dryer

in recent years, with the rapid development of grain dryer, the level of grain drying mechanization in china is increasing year by year, which accelerates the efficiency of grain drying, shortens the time of grain warehousing, and makes farmers no longer rely on the sky for food. "timely drying and safe warehousing" is the last key link after the whole process of grain production mechaniz……
application of drying equipment in food drying

application of drying equipment in food drying…

in the food industry, dryer has a pivotal role, and will play a greater advantage in the future. we have reason to believe that dryer enterprises have broad development space and will create more miracles for people's production and life.drying has a long history. as early as in ancient times, people began to use natural conditions to dry materials. with the development of the times, they are gradu……
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