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after the cancellation of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy, where will the grain dryer industry go?-凯发app官网登录

release date:2020-5-21 10:08:24 author:admin

recently, the ministry of finance and the ministry of agriculture and rural areas jointly issued the supplementary notice on the measures for the management of agricultural related transfer payment funds (cainong [2019] no. 98), which specifies that the implementation period of "agricultural machinery purchase subsidies" and other subsidies will be 2023. before the expiration, the ministry of finance will assess with the ministry of agriculture and rural areas to determine whether to continue the implementation. in recent years, whether the grain dryer can continue to enjoy agricultural machinery purchase subsidies has become the focus of many practitioners. the author as a grain dryer practitioners for many years to talk about personal views.

agricultural machinery purchase subsidy is an important part of the national policy of strengthening agriculture and benefiting agriculture. it has been implemented for 16 years since it was started in 2004. since the implementation of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy, it has promoted the rapid growth of the national agricultural machinery industry, and the level of agricultural mechanization has continued to improve, which has played an important role in ensuring the national food security and increasing farmers' income. in 2011, the grain dryer was included in the list of agricultural machinery purchase subsidies. since then, the grain dryer industry has also ushered in the fastest development period in history. for a long time, china's grain dryer industry is a small industry. a few domestic grain dryer manufacturers maintain the balance of supply and demand in the domestic market. since the grain dryer enjoys the purchase subsidy of agricultural machinery, the industry has developed rapidly. the domestic grain dryer manufacturers have sprung up rapidly, the traditional manufacturers have been expanding their scale, and other industries have also been transformed into. for a while, the grain dryer industry has become the highest growth plate in the agricultural machinery industry for several consecutive years.

it has to be said that the grain dryer included in the agricultural machinery purchase subsidy has rapidly promoted the popularization of grain dryer in the whole country, and china's grain mechanized drying rate has also been greatly improved. however, the negative reports caused by the grain dryer included in the agricultural machinery purchase subsidies have been repeatedly exposed. in the early years, some non-performing manufacturers used improper means to obtain the qualification of grain dryer purchase subsidy, but they did not concentrate on the innovative research and development of grain dryer products, but spent their time thinking about how to make jerry building, reduce costs and obtain state subsidies. its salesmen deceive farmers into buying their products at low prices or even without money, but the grain dryer can not be used and is largely abandoned. as a result, the state subsidies are lost, and users get a pile of scrap iron without any practical effect. in recent years, the state has increased the examination and accountability system of agricultural machinery purchase subsidies, to a certain extent, curbed the behavior of some bad businesses. however, due to the favorable policy of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy for grain dryer, a large number of enterprises have flooded into the grain dryer industry, and the number of domestic grain dryer manufacturers has doubled several times. in addition, a large number of enterprises without technical strength have used inferior and low-cost products to impact the market. since 2018, the grain dryer industry has suffered a cold winter, and the sales of various manufacturers have declined sharply. in addition, the announcement that the subsidy for purchasing agricultural machinery will be cancelled soon will usher in a major integration of the domestic grain dryer industry.

the purchase subsidy of national policy for grain dryer industry can only be a short-term stimulus policy under specific historical conditions. in the long run, relying on market competition can better promote the healthy development of grain dryer industry. iron making has to be hard. whether an enterprise can win the trust of customers and operate well for a long time depends on its own products. since its establishment 21 years ago, zhengzhou wangu machinery co., ltd. has always focused on the technical research and development and product manufacturing of grain dryer and dregs dryer. since 21 years ago, the dedicated wangu people have won praise in the industry with their practical actions and products. relying on independent innovation and cooperation of production, university and research, zhengzhou wangu machinery has obtained a series of product related patent technologies in the field of grain dryer, continuously improved the technical level of grain dryer related products, relied on the perfect quality management and after-sales service system of the enterprise, and with the help of the nationwide marketing network and internet platform, wangu products have been built in more than 20 provinces use, and export to southeast asia, south asia, eastern europe, central asia and other overseas markets.



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