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application of drying equipment in food drying-凯发app官网登录

release date:2020-6-22 14:14:26 author:admin

in the food industry, dryer has a pivotal role, and will play a greater advantage in the future. we have reason to believe that dryer enterprises have broad development space and will create more miracles for people's production and life.

drying has a long history. as early as in ancient times, people began to use natural conditions to dry materials. with the development of the times, they are gradually replaced by manual operation. instead of drying machinery gradually developed. with the development of the situation, the drying equipment market has developed rapidly, and the production enterprises have also made good achievements. they have also made innovations in technology, and their benefits are increasing.

dryer in the food industry, can be used for food, vegetable dehydration, melon seeds, chips, sausages, fish and shrimp, kelp and other products drying. the food dryer adopts single-sided directional electromagnetic wave radiation heating, which not only saves energy, but also has high conversion rate. according to the set value of the control system, it meets the requirements of accurate temperature control, and solves the temperature difference problem caused by environmental factors. due to its unique formula, the product has small thermal inertia and rapid temperature rise. it has strong absorption, high heating rate, and higher heating and cooling speed one step acceleration, strong transient response, effective energy saving; reuse, convenient replacement and maintenance, weak functional attenuation of main parts of the product, convenient heat source replacement, and low price.



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