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the importance of grain dryer-凯发app官网登录

release date:2020-6-22 14:17:26 author:admin

in recent years, with the rapid development of grain dryer, the level of grain drying mechanization in china is increasing year by year, which accelerates the efficiency of grain drying, shortens the time of grain warehousing, and makes farmers no longer rely on the sky for food. "timely drying and safe warehousing" is the last key link after the whole process of grain production mechanization to solve the problem of plowing, harrowing and sowing. at the same time, grain drying is of great significance to national grain security, agricultural production efficiency, agricultural product quality and farmers' income.

the traditional drying method, due to its small site, low drying efficiency, poor effect, easy pollution and large loss, is not matched with the rapid development of mechanized harvest level. in many areas, the grains harvested by combine harvester can not be dried in time, and a large number of grains are piled up together, which is a common phenomenon, easy to cause heat deterioration, greatly reducing the edible taste and seed germination rate. in case of rainy weather, grain is more likely to cause mildew loss.


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