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mzp-dc30k electromagnetic hot blast stove for grain drying
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product description

intelligent, environmental protection, efficient, professional, energy saving

product feature 1
          integrated with digital core controller and german infineon igbt frequency conversion driver, intelligent temperature control module control hot air output, over current, over temperature protection;heating coil short circuit, open circuit protection.

product feature 2
         variable frequency output can automatically adjust the output power according to the temperature;the heating part adopts the ring cable structure, the cable itself does not generate heat, and can withstand the high temperature below 1000 degrees celsius, the design life of the main engine is more than 10 years, the heating system basically has no maintenance cost in the later stage.under the same condition, it is more than 30% more energy efficient than coal, and 60% more energy efficient than natural gas and fuel oil.

product feature 3
         electromagnetic induction heating, no open fire, no fire hazard, safe and stable;no waste gas, no oxygen consumption, no pollution.



main features

1) running in a high automatization and intellectualization, no pollution.

2) adopt "mixed flow cross flow" multi-stage drying process (patented).energy saving 30%, drying efficiency improved 30-50%.

3) use "no wringer conveyor" design.greatly reduce the grain physical wear.

4) design of six - blade anti - rotation unloading machine.

5) integrated impurity removal, dust removal, transportation and treatment system.