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mkr-500m numerical control molding color tile machine

color concrete tile than the general kiln burning tile with strong impermeability, bearing capacity, low water absorption and other advantages.cement color tile has the advantages of high density, high strength, light weight, reasonable tile, etc., completely changed the traditional use of dry hard concrete rolling forming cement tile rough, low strength, monotonous tile and other has unique waterproof structure, super high strength, beautiful appearance and so on.

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product description

product application

necessary raw materials: cement, small granule of marble/granite/limestone/gravel, stone powder can be used.

usage : square sidewalk subway, indoor and outdoor flooring , roadside, roof, community hospital ,school powder plant etc.

optional materials: pigment and chemical element. 




main features

1. large tonnage, low-power, digital compression molding
the function of unique exterior design, multi-function hydraulic molding and man-machine dialogue, computer self-test. 
the finished products with the characteristic of density, high strength and variety, and the mold can be changed to realize diversification of one machine.
2. imported items and optimum configuration. machine produced by high-tech hydraulic system, plc system was made by aelta company, pneumatic system
and nok seal parts was made by airtac company, adopt special advanced technology, different from traditional craft. the whole machine is more stable and reliable performance, productivity, and yield higher and more than the same products abroad level.
3. less investment, low cost:high technical content,high speed,high yield, high yield; products, high efficiency and good market prospects, etc.