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mkr4-15 multi-functional full-automatic block brick forming machine
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product description

1. the electrical system adopts imported color touch screen and plc control, equipped with data input and output device. the control system includes safety logic control and fault diagnosis system.

2. imported hydraulic components and seals adopt high dynamic performance proportional valve, which can adjust oil quantity and pressure according to different working requirements, so as to accurately control the action of key components.

3. the machine body is made of high precision, high strength casting and special welding technology and materials, with good rigidity, vibration resistance and long service life.

4. the machine adopts four bar guiding mode to ensure the accurate movement of the indenter and die.

5. the machine adopts table vibration pressure forming and reciprocating guiding feeding device, with short forming cycle, high production efficiency, high block quality, high strength and accurate size.

6. the technology of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic integration is adopted to make every cycle process of equipment operation consistent, thus forming products have high stability and low reject rate.

7. one machine is multi-purpose. by changing the mold, it can produce different specifications of porous brick, hollow block, curb, pavement brick, grass tree brick, slope protection brick and other cement products.

8. with fabric device, it can produce color pavement brick and other products.

product parameters

(1) number of molding blocks: 390 × 190 × 190 (mm) 4 pieces / mold

(2) molding cycle: 15 ~ 20 seconds

(3) vibration frequency: 3000 times / min

(4) total weight: 7.5t

(5) excitation rate: 40-50 kn

(6) total power: 25.35kw/380v

(7) overall dimension: 9500 × 2800 × 2750 (mm)

(8) supporting plate size: 850 × 560 × 8 ~ 35 (mm)